March Madness for Rookies

March Madness for the Rookies

March Madness is quickly approaching so here are a few tips for the newbies incase you decide to tune in this year!

1. Who Makes the Cut?

On Selection Sunday, 68 teams are chosen to compete in the road to the championship.

2. Cinderella

Cinderella teams are those that exceed everyone's expectations in the tournament. Cinderella stories during the tournament are always striking and memorable.

3. NCAA tournament bracket

Surely you have heard of people making brackets and making bets on who they predict will make the top spots. Well, it is an official document that the NCAA provides. It starts on the kickoff date of March Madness date through the final championship game.

4. Sweet Sixteen

The Sweet Sixteen is when the competition starts to really narrow down. This is a major accomplished for lower seeds because higher seeds are already expected to make the cut. Many upsets occur in this stage. It is only sixteen teams left hoping to bring that Championship title back home. If your team wins they will advance on to the Elite Eight.

5. Elite Eight

Now that we have conquered the Sweet Sixteen your team is guaranteed a spot in the Elite Eight! This is where dedication and hard work really show who wants that Championship title. The eight teams lucky enough to make it this far will battle it out and leave it all on the court. The games will be played in the same cities as the Sweet Sixteen.  ​

6. Final Four

Are you following along now? You could have guessed that the Final Four is the next stop. The best of best come to play here. Only the teams who truly deserve a spot will make it here. The intensity level is at an all time high for these games. The host city of the Final Four this year is New Orleans.  ​  

7. Final Championship 

Have you crumbled your bracket yet? Everyone tunes in to watch this game whether your team made it or not. The two teams who have made it this far have been dreaming of this moment since they signed to play for their school. Everyone loves to win but who is willing to put the work in to get there? If you win here you take it all! If you look at past scores from this game they are neck and neck. Who will take the title from Baylor in the 2022 Championship game?  ​

8. Taking Down the Net

 At the end of every Championship game the winning team gets to take down the net and keep it for memory. Tune in April 4th and see who will join in on this tradition!  ​